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Why uPVC an advantage ?

No Maintenance :- uPVC windows have superior durability as strength and the profiles are reinforced with steel sections.

Power Saving:- Unlike aluminum uPVC has excellant heat insulation properties. It does not transmit heat, which in turn save Energy. In addition uPVC double sealing system does Not allow cold air to escape or warm to enter helping in retaining air conditions and there after saving in Power bill.

Design Freedom:- uPVC windows are available in vast range of designs. Tilt and turn, Seamless combinations of casement, Slider and fixed windows,Bay windows and arched windows. Several options for window Finish are available from white to wood-finished. All these options Combined gives truly artistic touch to your house.

Environment Friendly:- uPVC do not deplete forests like wood, uPVC production process consumes very little power compared to aluminum, uPVC has better insulation properties ensuring ongoing energy savings and uPVC is completely recyclable.

Great Support:- You are just a phone call or a mouse click away from stars assistance. Log your contact details in our website or give us a call, We will take care of everything from design to post Installation support, Our techniqcal expert will be with you at All times.

Delivery Commitment:- We at star Windows understand the value and importance of time.We are committed to deliverables given by us and we make sure that we deliver to our commitment in terms of timeand quality Over 99% of our business comes from repeat customers which illustrates the trust our customers have on our commitments and capabilities.

Price Advantage:- Collaboration with star Windows is always a win-win situation for our clients.The quality of product at star is not just superior, but also comes with the best possible price tag one can ever wish for. We try make the process of end sale as short as possible to make sure the our customer gets more value for the money.